About Us

“The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Darling Downs Wellness Therapies & The Grain Shed Retreat

Located on almost 900 acres within the beautiful Goomburra Valley, Queensland, Darling Downs Wellness Therapies & The Grain Shed Retreat is a health and wellness service and destination designed for people of all ages, with or without special needs.

Health and Wellness Therapies

We believe in the positive effects of being outdoors and stimulating the senses through nature to provide a therapeutic foundation to explore and build upon. Our diverse services combine the benefits of connecting outdoor adventures with the intent of achieving therapeutic outcomes for those involved. Click here to view our services.

Grain Shed Retreat

Our Grain Shed Retreat is set into the mountains of the beautiful Darling Downs, a fully self contained rustic yet luxurious retreat. Available for short stay accommodation for those needing to escape the everyday, or those looking for a unique rural experience, or a secluded, romantic getaway. Wellness Retreat packages include yoga, nutrition guidance, meditation, and optional guided walks. Click here for bookings and more information.


Coming soon in mid-2021. Visit our Workshops page for all the details.

Mission & Vision

Darling Downs Wellness Therapies aims to provide a variety of holistic health related services, guided by meaningful client centred, evidence-based practice, to support, assist, or improve the well-being of individuals within the context of a nature-based environment.

Meet Our Team

Bel du Bois

Director, Senior Occupational Therapist, Nutritionist, Sleep Scientist, ACT Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Retreat Facilitator, Wellness Coach

Bel is an award winning, dynamic and influential registered Health Practitioner. She has been part of the health and wellness industry for over 30 years and is the founder of the award-winning Darling Downs Wellness Therapies in Southern Queensland. Bel and her team offer a range of professional health and wellness services, often in the context of the outdoors on her beautiful 900 acre property that she shares with her partner, family, and many animals. From here she runs a variety of outdoor nature-based therapies, lifestyle programs, health & wellness retreats, health related seminars and workshops, and inclusive farm stays at the peaceful Grain Shed Retreat. Her passion remains in focusing on holistic approaches to a healthy life and sharing her knowledge.

Superpower is Empathy

Neil Erskine 

Director, Counsellor, Animal Behavioural Therapist

Neil began his Therapy career over 30 years ago as a dog behavioral therapist and is now studying counselling with majors in trauma, mental health disorders and addictions. His love of connecting people and animals in a therapeutic context has led him to be a valuable part of DDWT. Neil also offers Animal Assistance (AA) assessment and reports, and liaises closely with other AA trainers to achieve a “just right” fit between animals and people.  He is a sought after Animal Behavioural Therapist. Neil has a passion for being outdoors and loves spending time with others in this environment; especially with Bullseye at his side. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential and can do this by encouraging and challenging their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions in a safe environment.

Superpower is Compassion



Therapy Support Dog

Bullseye is often the ice-breaker. His gentle and kind demeanour always wins hearts and creates conversation. Bullseye is an integral part of adventure therapy sessions, he is always ready to listen and loves affection. Bullseye is often lending himself as a model for learning about companionship, compassion, trust and empathy, and he thoroughly enjoys photo bombing at every given opportunity.

Superpower is Intuition

Kellie Robson

Therapy Assistant

As a Mum of two sons with special needs, Kellie is highly motivated to support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She left the Finance industry to complete a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, and pursue her passion of assisting others to overcome challenges and discover inner strengths. Kellie is a nurturer by nature and believes nothing is impossible with the right systems in place.

Superpower is Tenacity

Harley Attard

Therapy Assistant, Personal Trainer

Harley loves people and helping them reach their potential. He has completed a Certificate III in Personal Training, and loves to interact with others and combine physical activity, adventure and the outdoors to enable people to achieve their personal goals. He is a valuable part of DDWT as a Therapy Assistant and Personal Trainer. He believes everyone should have at least one person who makes a positive impact on their life, and hopes that he can be that person for those who need it.

Superpower is Power of Positivity

Brittney Potter

Therapy Assistant

Brittney is a qualified Allied Health Assistant and started her journey after the completion of a Certificate III and IV in Allied Health Assistance. Her life calling has always been to help others, and this led her to working with children and adults with disabilities, supporting them with their speech and language as a Speech Pathology Assistant. Combining her passion of helping others and the outdoors she joined DDWT as a Therapy Assistant. Brittney’s ambition is to support as many people as possible to live their best life.

Superpower is Kindness


Therapy Support Dog Apprentice

The newest member of our team, Zoe loves mayhem and mischief and is in awe of her mentor, Bullseye. Lucky for him, she’s a fast learner. Zoe loves to make people smile and is a first-rate bundle of cuddles. She immediately eases tension and anxiety with her frivolous nature.

Superpower is Playfulness



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