The centrepiece of our property “Tarragunda” are the freshwater, spring fed pools that line the ancient water courses.

When we occupied this land, the meaning of the name it came with, “Tarragunda” was never known but often speculated on. It sounded indigenous in origin, but no answers were yielded until less than a year ago online, in some old language archives from Sydney museum, I found record of the word and its meaning… “chain of ponds”.

All the water filters up through the rock and has never stopped or even slowed in the twenty years we have been here, maybe not even since it’s formation in antiquity.

At DDWT these pure waters are used for bathing in, sometimes a beautiful healing place for counselling, or for yoga or meditation, but mostly for mindful “walk and talks” through the majestic white gums that line it’s banks, a place that is shared by all manner of native wildlife, from the red necked wallabies, to dingoes and the wedge-tailed eagles that nest on the property.